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Welcome to the BBG

Dear BBG Members, 


I trust we are all well, and, enjoying a well-deserved break, whether in rainy Lagos, or other climes. 


It has been around three months since your new Committee was elected on the 8th of June 2023. I thought it might also a good time to update you on our activities on your behalf so far.  


Shortly after the election, precisely one week later on the 15th of June, we held our first Committee meeting where we allocated responsibilities, discussed the membership audit and planned activities for the next three months  and beyond. Nadim Chidiac was given the dual responsibility of  membership secretary and digital media management, which includes but is not restricted to the website, social media handles and so on. We have a new logo. We are cleaning up and consolidating our data base. We are working on enhancing the networking opportunities to members via features on our website.


Our first monthly meeting as a Committee coincided with the departure of our much-loved Deputy High Commissioner and his gracious wife, Ben (and Laura Llewellyn-Jones) OBE. Richard Willmott, our events Co-ordinator, pulled out all the stops to ensure that the meeting, which was kindly hosted by the BDHC, went beautifully. I invited Bismarck Rewane, who kindly honoured our invitation and did justice to his topic as always. Richard has also taken the initiative and rolled out plans for the rest of the year and well into 2024. The social event taking place today is just the start, watch this space! Also, do reach out to Richard if you have any event ideas you would like to share with us. 


Our Treasurer Sid Odoi, is heading a sub-committee with the mandate to put together a budget around the various plans and activities. Members will have the opportunity to sponsor some of those activities, and in so doing, exclusively promote their businesses or products to us. Again, do reach out to Sid if you have any thoughts you would like to share on this. 


Other members of the Committee with specific roles are of course our Honorary Secretary Reni who you elected to the role, and Chinelo Ononye, who continues as the welfare member. Chinelo was a great support to our members during the Covid lockdown and continues to provide vital information and support through her pharmacy. Our Folashade Ambrose, Stanley Evans MBE and Ibinabo Oyibo and yours truly are naturally, actively supporting all the various team leads in successfully discharging the responsibilities we have foisted on them. 


Finally, let me thank you on behalf of the entire Committee for the opportunity to serve. It is such a privilege and we are determined to promote British Business to the highest standards. 


Yours truly 


Boma Alabi OON SAN 


British Business Group 

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