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Welcome to the British Business Group Nigeria

The British Business Group is the premier business networking and support organisation for British business professionals in Nigeria. With more than 300 members, we are proud to be the most effective business networking and support group in the country. Our members consist of professionals of the highest integrity committed to promoting British business ventures and interests to the highest standards.

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Our Story

The British Business Group (BBG) in Nigeria was founded in 1972 and has played a significant role in promoting business relations between Britain and Nigeria. Over the years, the BBG has evolved and adapted to the changing business landscape in Lagos, Nigeria's economic hub.

During the early years, the BBG was managed by the Commercial Section of the British High Commission in Nigeria. Membership was restricted to British CEOs of British companies operating in Nigeria, with limited allowances for self-employed British professionals. The group served as a platform for networking and information exchange among its members, who represented various sectors of the business community.

In the early 1990s, when the British High Commissioner relocated to Abuja, the BBG continued its operations in Lagos under the management of the Commercial Section. The group eventually moved its meetings to the Kingfisher Club. With a larger space and a smaller British expatriate population, membership rules were relaxed, allowing for a more inclusive environment.

In recent years, the BBG has embraced its role as a networking and business support organization. Under new leadership, the group has focused on representing the interests of its members and promoting the success of British businesses in Nigeria. It has gained recognition as the premier British association in Lagos and experienced significant membership growth.


The BBG continues to emphasize its commitment to being ambassadors of Great Britain and promotes social and environmental responsibility among its members. Through networking, advocacy, and business support initiatives, the BBG remains an important platform for British business professionals in Nigeria to connect, collaborate, and thrive in the Nigerian business landscape.

Our Partners

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