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Benefits of the BBG Membership

By being a part of the British Business Group, you will enjoy the benefits of connecting with a well-established and vibrant British business community spanning various industries. This membership offers you exclusive access to valuable resources such as sector-specific events and online content, empowering you with targeted insights and actionable knowledge relevant to your field. Below are some of the benefits of being a member.

  • Access to monthly general meetings and networking events

  • Subscription to the BBG mailing list and newsletter

  • Opportunity to sponsor/speak at BBG events

  • Voting rights at the BBG Annual General Meeting

  • New member email introductions (monthly)

  • Listing of company logo, bio, and contact details on the online directory

  • Submission of offers for the BBG Member Offers programme

  • Publication of member article in the newsletter and on the BBG LinkedIn page.

  • Social media promotions

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